Lo Fei's lockdown list

Mindfully moving through lockdown

Lo Fei really takes her time to go through this lockdown in a mindful way, starting her day with a meditative moment to then move on to her yoga practice. She changes her yoga practice every day, focusing on what came up before, so the practice suits her best in that moment. During the day she enjoys nature and also takes time to just sit and focus on her breathing.

Lo Fei incorporates movement into her day as much as possible and tries to use her car as little as possible. She loves spending time together with her cat which she also takes out for a walk! Next to that she spends her time with her boyfriend. For some extra relaxation she watches random series on Netflix, recommended to her by friends, such as Snowpiercer.

She makes good use of her time learning about health and personal growth and loves to use different articles, blogs and podcasts as sources of inspiration. Her top tips? Headspace, Elephant Journal, The Happiness Lab, Kwik Brain, Marie Forieo, Chopra, Ben Greenfield, MindBodyGreen, Ted and Blinkist. This helps with mindfully moving through lockdown.

When you meet her again, Lo Fei will have gained a lot of new knowledge she’ll be happy to share with you!

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