Maggie’s lockdown list

Looking forward to reconnect

Read here what Maggie does during lockdown and why she is looking forward to reconnect!

On most days she tries to get up early and do her practice before the kids wake up. Maggie does her online classes in her garage studio, often accompanied by her 55 kg Bernese Mountain dog. One day she does a high intensity workout on other days she may take any Yoga Class.

Although there is enough space in and around the house, the kids are having a hard time adjusting to lockdown. Her 7 year old really misses his friends and social interaction. Her other son of 11 years old tries to navigate hormones and isolation while embarking his final year in group 8. He’s virtually touring schools for next year!

Maggie loves breathing in the fresh brisk air and goes outside as often as possible. While walking the dog she listens to her favorite podcasts; The connected Yoga Teacher, Yoga Strong, Birth fit and Tara Brach. Or she connects with her family back in America.

As you know, Maggie is also a Doula, now teaching and supporting families online or one-on-one. Besides that she focuses on self-development and takes online courses about Pelvic Floor Yoga, Birth Related training and Mindfulness. Her book list comes down to; Untamed, Breathe, Wintering, Awaking Fertility and many more!

If you follow Maggie or themindfulmama_nl on Instagram you know she loves to be in the kitchen. To meet the demand of her always hungry boys, she makes healthy energy sustaining treats like ‘energy bombs’, chia seed pudding cups and nut bread and bars.

She loves to use essential oils so it shouldn’t surprise you she is a distributor and Wholesale Rep of Young Living. Maggie makes her own skin and body products to get just the good ingredients. “Just the other day, I made the most amazing Sugar + Spice Body Scrub, Geranium Body Lotion and herbal face tonic!”

Last but not least she also loves to chill and relax watching Netflix. Her recommendation would be My Octopus Teacher and Surviving Death.

“Looking forward to reconnect with you all soon!”

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Looking forward to reconnect - Maggie's lockdownlist Yogaground Rotterdam