Join our Big Challenge this Saturday!

Amrap bodyweight

Join our Big Challenge this Saturday on Insta Live! To put your mind and body on a different track we’re hosting a FREE weekly workout online. Varying from Sun Salutes, to breathing exercises, to a core workout, and more. Because we want you to stay healthy and keep your cool. Keep going with your favorite teachers!

This Saturday 11 AM it’s Paulo’s time to shine! How many ROUNDS can you do in 15 minutes? This is a not to miss calorie burning exercise. Get fit before you know it! 

How does it work? In the challenge, taking place on Saturday the 6th at 11 am, we have included 4 bodyweight exercises by Paulo‘s design. Starting from Tuesday February 2nd we will reveal an exercise a day. All exercises  combined form the challenge. This gives you a week to try out, modify and create time to ask your questions. So, on Saturday morning at 11 AM you can go all out for your AMRAP BODYWEIGHT CHALLENGE!

Join our Big Challenge this Saturday on Insta Live! Are you in?

• W H E N •
Saturday February 6, 11 AM – FREE ACCESS VIA INSTA LIVE

• W H A T •
4 exercises, x amount of reps, 15 minutes = AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE

Any questions or need help? Send us an email –

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Big Challenge AMRAP Bodyweight - Saturday February 7 11 AM - Join for Free!