Charlotte’s lockdown list

It's important to stay active

Hey Charlotte, as we’re now locked in our houses from 9 PM every night, what do you get the most out of it? Read below what Charlotte, Yoga teacher in our Yogaground studio in Rotterdam, does during these times.

For Charlotte it’s important to stay active. During lockdown, especially in winter time, you’ve got to keep your endorphins up! #staygrounded #stayactive. She loves joining online yoga classes twice a week. Now that our favorite yoga classes at the studio in Rotterdam are cancelled.

To track her outdoor walks she uses Ommetje from the HersenstichtingThis app is a great motivator for her and her co-workers to get some fresh air. On her walks she often listens to the minimalist podcast or book a book on Audible. “I just finished al three books of Yuval Harari, which i can all three recommend!” A walk is nothing without coffee from COPPI koffie & fietsen or MANMETBRILKOFFIE

At home Charlotte bundles up with her cats, or holds a cookathonA recent favorite recipe is mouth watering Stuffed aubergine in a curry and coconut dahl from Ottolenghi’s newest book Flavour. Furthermore, the weekends are filled with games! Card games, back gammon, Everdell and Gloomhaven to name a few. Remember guys, it’s important to stay active!

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