Boban’s lockdown list

Eat the rainbow!

Eat the rainbow!

Our Dynamic Flow yoga teacher Boban starts his morning with a 15 to 30 minutes meditation. Focusing on slowing down the mind and concentrating on the breath. Then it’s time for a 30 to 45 minutes physical yoga practice. To build strength or help him ground just like the yoga classes at Yogaground.

After yoga practice and before breakfast he treats himself to a full and colorful platter of fresh fruit. “Eat the rainbow!” Besides it being healthy, for Boban it goes even further, it feels like an act of self-love.

To clear his head and breathe in fresh air he goes outside for a walk, every single day, no exceptions! He loves to discover his surroundings and continues to be surprised by the beauty of his backyard.

Music is Boban’s savior, which is why he plays vinyl records every day. Chilling out and listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s piano music, or Sam Smith for his more emotional moments or Kylie Minogue’s “Disco” to dance to like nobody’s watching.

Unlike many others Boban doesn’t watch the news or regular television. To him it feels like a negative energy which he’d rather not consume. He prefers watching Netflix together with his other half on the couch. “It can feel like going to the movies!” The perfect time to get out the chocolates and favorite tea and watch The Crown or The Queens Gambit. A beautiful way to end the day.

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Boban's lockdown list physical yoga practice