3 simple yoga movements

Boost your energy!

Sometimes you feel like you just need a boost, and you need it right now!  Feeling so so?  Try these 3 simple movements to get you and your energy levels back on track. 

*When you feel better afterwards you can save it to your favorites! 😉

Tap the energy tap!
Stand up straight. Relax your shoulders and neck. Begin gently swinging from side to side. With one hand each time, tap the point where your kidneys are located.

After doing this for a while, probably 1 minute or so, you will begin to feel some energy rising. An easy way to boost your energy!

The moving bridge pose is also an easy way to ensure better circulation of your lower back area. And the energy to keep flowing. Instead of sitting hunched over at your desk all day, give yourself room to decompress. By extending the front and back of your body slowly but surely.

Roll out your yoga mat, lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Try to touch the back of your feet with the tips of your fingers. Now take the time to mindfully roll up your pelvic floor, hips, middle back, upper back, little by little, vertebra by vertebra. Now turn the thing around and start with lowering the upper back, middle back, hips and pelvic floor. Do this is slow as you can for about 2 minutes to keep the energy flowing!

3 simple yoga movements

Keep the energy flowing

3 simple yoga movements

The attitude of relaxed attention

Last, but certainly not least, Butterfly pose forward fold. For this one, you may want to grab a pillow or bolster so you can reach your own appropriate edge. Allow the stimulating sensations to be there. Tip: If you really want to make this pose comfortable, grab an extra blanket and place it around your lower back for extra warmth and support.

Make your way to the floor and distribute your weight evenly across both sit bones. If you like, you can use a pillow or rolled blanket underneath for an extra upright position in the spine with your legs extended. Begin to bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Move your feet so your legs form a diamond shape. Your knees will sink to the side like butterfly wings. Do you feel like they need support? Do so, you should hang in there for a few minutes. Now hinge forward from the hips with the palms touching.

This simple but revitalizing pose not only gives you some time to yourself but also revitalizes your depleted energy level. It is the posture of relaxed attention that begins the process of nourishing to your being on many levels.