Yin therapy

A therapeutic approach to the yin yoga practice

YG Studios Lijnbaan
Sunday November 12
12.30 - 15.00
by Camilla
€45 | €40,5 unlimited members
yin therapy

A therapeutic approach to the yin yoga practice

Every body is different. Yoga poses should work for you, not against you. Yoga teacher and therapist, Camilla, is here to help you adapt your yin practice so that it truly suits your body’s needs. 

This workshop will be smaller than other workshops to allow Camilla to spend time with each body, tailoring the practice as required, offering personal assistance. It will start with an extend yin class, where you’ll use blocks, blankets, belts, and bolsters to ensure the pose really ‘fits’. It will end with a guided meditation, to allow your body and mind to absorb the positive effects. 

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yin therapy

Discover what your body needs

It’s time to stop pushing against the pose. Discover what your body needs, and respect its uniqueness.

Suitable for all levels.

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Price Yin Therapy 
€45 | Regular ticket
€40,50 | Unlimited membership with 10% event discount

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