Sunset Flow, Flex and Meditation

Let's float on the YG boat

Kooren Terminal
Sunday August 21
19.30 - 21.00
by Liz
25 euro
Let's float on the YG boat

Sunset Flow, Flex and Meditation

Salute the setting sun on the YG boat in this 90-minute practice combining soulful slow flow vinyasa, the deep release of yin yoga, rejuvenating breathwork and a guided sunset meditation – it’s the Sunset Flow, Flex and Meditation workshop with Liz.

As Liz puts it, “Yoga is so much more than just a work-out. It’s a work-in, a tool for personal transformation. In this practice, I hope to guide students from movement to stillness, working with asana (poses),  pranayama (breathing), dharana and dhyana (mental focus and meditation). Together, as the sun sets over Rotterdam, I hope we will co-create an experience of fullness, connection and presence.”


Open to all levels from beginners to advanced students

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