learning to balance


When walking, you spend approximately 40% of the time on one leg. Did you know that running is actually a single leg activity? Regularly making yourself wobble improves your mind-body connection and ‘restore’ some of that fearless, childhood balance experience. Balance – why is it key? 

When learning to balance, you learn how to control your body and move freely. It’s a ‘use it or lose it’ kind of thing. So, the less you practice the worse your balance gets. Kinesthetic awareness, which means you know where your body parts are in space, is required for movements you make.

Whether you are doing sports, cycling, running or simply walking down the street, you need your balance. This offers the agility and strength to move smoothly and with confidence. Challenge your balance, stand or dance on one leg or get upside down and try those amazing-looking asanas. As mentioned before, a strong awareness of where your body is in relation to space and objects surrounding you can help you react quickly and prevent injuries and accidents.

Our movement classes are perfect to work on your kinesthetic awareness. Standing on one foot and moving your body parts around at a Sculpt, Flow or Power Yoga class. Find traditional lunges and squats in our HIT and HERO classes to build core strength & stability. Or try YG RUN ?

For a deeper understanding of your body and its movement, join one of our regular workshops. See our offering below!