Tim Genee Yoga Flow Vinyasa teacher Yogaground Rotterdam


For Tim, yoga continues to challenge him. It allows him to keep working on both mental and emotional strength whilst exploring what the body is truly capable of. Born and raised in our coastal neighbour city of Den Haag, Tim loves Rotterdam as well. It’s the combination of modern and industrial that keeps him coming back here.

He loves travelling, and has lived abroad for parts of his life, but now loves to come home to his two cats and new dog. Tim is an expert at finding the best vegan burgers with Berlin topping the list.

Tim teaches several Flow classes and is known for his playful movements that stretch your comfort zone. With him you’ll continue to explore your own possibilities and capabilities.

Join in and discover the Flow fun!

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leave the massage table feeling relaxed and content

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Tim’s teaching offers challenging postures and strong movements building a lot of energy. As a massage therapist Tim tends to lean to the other side of the energy spectrum. Tapping into softness, gentleness and relaxing energy. By doing both you’ll create a content and balanced lifestyle.

Create a moment for yourself and book one of Tim’s full body relaxing massages. When feeling stressed, in need of self-care or any other reason, you’ll leave the massage table feeling relaxed and content. Tim’s techniques will increase the muscle blood flow which helps to relieve physical tension and stress harnessed in your body. Creating a sense of calm and relaxation in body and mind. 

Tim often talks about ‘happy hormones’ being released in a yoga class or with other forms of exercise. Enjoying a massage has the same effect, and therefore is a great method of additional self-care. 


he'll challenge you in new ways of moving

Get ready to build strength and intensity in the most playful way, when opting for Tim as your personal trainer. With experience in various yoga styles, Tim targets his energy to make you feel as curious as a child and make you really enjoy your time with him.

He’s a specialist in techniques to improve or even achieve your handstands or arm balances. He likes to tempt you to come out of your comfort zone, challenging you in new ways of moving. A great one on one session may help you ‘unlock’ that one pose that has always been a mystery.

Tim really likes to combine different styles of yoga, enjoyment is his main theme.

Book a one on one session with this personal trainer and you’ll definitely have fun, while challenging yourself to come out of your comfort zone!

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