Natasja teacher at YG Studios for boxing, but she also loves strength training and personal training. Her enthusiasm is contagious!


Natasja arrived in Rotterdam in 2017 from the sleepy town of Sleeuwijk, to follow her ambitions in boxing – and she didn’t mess around! She spent 18 months with the Dutch boxing team, peaking in her boxing career as Dutch champion B-class. Off the back of this, in 2018, she started her own boxing-fitness company. 

None of this is a surprise, even as a child she always went to the max with her sports – judo, football, gymnastics – because she’s always loved sports and sports training, there’s never been a limit to how hard she tries. 

Alongside boxing and kickboxing, she also loves strength training and personal training. Her cheerful, enthusiastic nature is highly contagious, be warned! 

When she’s not bouncing around a gym or boxing ring, she loves travelling alone with just her backpack. Less obvious destinations are her preference – this summer, in fact, she’s interrailling around Eastern Europe, and if there’s a music festival, ideally electronic, she’s definitely there! 

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