Take a (lunch) break!

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Take a (lunch) break!

HURRY! Finish that sandwich and join our new lunch break FLOW class. Every Wednesday, Camilla helps you to connect your breath to your movement. Every Friday, Martina gets you into a more focussed state of mind. We offer lunch break classes twice a week, to getting you through that second part of your day with a more calm and quiet state of mind. YOUR BOSS WILL BE REALLY HAPPY! 

Dedicate some real time for your lunch break, step outside and get your body moving! Consider concentration as a muscle, it needs rest to be able to function. Join our FLOW class, breathe and get even more things done.

Looking for more ways to become more productive?

Get the most out of your breaktime by simply having a fiendly chat with someone (even better if you don’t know eachother yet). This simple exercise will help you get your mind of work, and (hopefully) put a smile on your face. Another option is to schedule in small periods of free-time to just stand up and move your body around (besides our LUNCH BREAK CLASSES ofcourse). If you’re unable to leave your desk, maybe try some small exercises like rolling your shoulders back and forth or swaying your head gently from side to side. Follow up with some gently twists of the spine. Start at your lower lumbar part, then middle thoracic part and ending in the cervical upper part or the neck. One of our FLOW teachers, Camilla has also posted some really helpful short yoga desk practices here to help you out even more! Just be sure to keep in mind to step outside every now and then, breathe in some fresh air, grab a healthy snack and clear your mind.

Yogaground Weena
F L O W by Camilla
Wednesday’s 12.30 – 13.15

F L O W by Martina
Friday’s 12.30 – 13.15

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