Sun Salutes

The Big Challenge

It’s almost spring, time to get high on your yoga with the Sun Salutes Challenge. Let’s start the season of fresh with expansive energy. Let’s move with our breath and practice Surya Namaskar!

Join us every week on Instagram live for our Big Challenge, put your mind and body on a different track and keep moving! Participate for free, sweat included.

Join Dewi for a 40 minutes Sun Salutations Flow. A chance to work on, refinemaybe even perfect one of the most fundamental sequences in your yoga practice. Focus, align your body and get moving with the Yogaground community. Roll out your mat, achieve a clear and sharp mental focus throughout. Let’s face the sun and let some light in! 

• W H E N •
Saturday March 6, 10 AM – FREE ACCESS VIA INSTA LIVE

• W H A T •
Get ready for the Sun Salutes Challenge, taught with various options. No equipment needed.

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Sun Salutes challenge by Dewi9