shaken not stirred

Shake it up!

Whether you’re looking to muscle up or stay healthy we’ve got just what your body needs to refuel, recover, and re-energize. Our shakes are 100% natural, vegan and organic. Extra scoop of protein? We’ve got your back!

Your daily dose 
We’ve chosen Orangefit Protein, a plant-based, vegan-friendly powder made from yellow split peas (and other lovely things).

Your body needs protein for basically everything: amino acids are the building blocks of life; so whether you’ve smashed out a PB or are taking a day of rest, your body still needs protein.

Orangefit Protein powder is an easy way to get all the amino acids necessary to feel good and recover well. Your muscles, organs, skin and hair will thank you for it!

Only the best will do

Our shakes are packed with healthy ingredients

Pre-order before class, and your shake will be waiting for you when it’s all over. Drink on the go or give yourself five and enjoy in the comfort of our studios.

Our shakes are a great energy boost for any time of day. They’re free of lactose, gluten, soy, sucralose and added sugars, but full of ingredients to help your body. We’re talking fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, all whizzed up into a delicious, healthy shake!

our shakes 4 flavours


With every shake you buy, get a stamp at the front desk, with a full card (5 shakes) you’ll get one shake for free!

shake | €5,95
protein scoop | €1


pink cherry
cherries | dates | pea protein | flaxseed | plums | bananas | chia seeds | limes | almonds | avocadoes | oats

green power
mangoes | wheatgrass | dates | limes | kale | mint | almonds | pea protein | parsley | spirulina | bananas | avocadoes | figs

coco protein
bananas | coco | cashews | pea protein

raw chocolate
bananas | avocadoes | dates | blueberries | flaxseed | cherries | peanuts | pea protein | coffee beans | guarana | maca | raw chocolate