Our Big Challenge

10 reps ladder countdown

Join us every week on Instagram live for our Big Challenge, put your mind and body on a different track and keep moving! Participate for free, sweat included.

Joanna is here to work us this week, get ready for her 10 reps ladder countdown on Saturday February 20 at 10 AM. A full-body workout of 10 exercises. We’ll do ALL of them for 10 rounds, decreasing the number of reps by 1 with each round we complete. That’s… well, a lot of reps and a lot of fun! (55 reps per exercise, to be precise) 

Check our Insta feed to prepare; we’ll be showing you 2 exercises every day, so you’re ready to rumble on Saturday.  

We know you’ve got this, get ready for countdown in 10, 9, 8…1 GOOO! Are you excited

• W H E N •
Saturday February 20, 10 AM – FREE ACCESS VIA INSTA LIVE

• W H A T •
10 exercises, 10 rounds, counting down reps starting with 10 in the first round!

Any questions or need help? Send us an email – hey@yogaground.nl

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The Big Challenge- 10 reps ladder countdown - February 20 at 10 AM on Insta Live