Hatha is Hot!

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Hatha is Hot!

Our Hot Hatha classes are among our most popular. What is it that makes this class HOT, on and off the mat?

We proudly offer a wide range of Yoga classes, all designed with a specific goal in mind and their own sequence and set of postures. Our Hatha yoga is a great starting point, as many of its poses are also part of several of our other classes. A Hatha practice is relatively slow-paced and makes you hold a pose for a few deep breaths.

But what does the word Hatha actually mean? It translates in two ways. Firstly hatha, the yoga of activity, stands for force. On the other hand it translates from Sanskrit as yoga of balance where ‘ha’ represents the sun and ‘tha’ the moon. In other words, all hatha practices are designed to find balance through aligning the body and calming the mind. For this, Hatha is celebrated as a great way to start your day!

At YG Studios, Hatha classes are accessible for everyone, from beginner to intermediate and the experienced. It helps to find focus inwards, by positioning the body into a variety of asanas; yoga postures. However, by involving the mind it makes you grow stronger over time and promotes flexibility and better balance. It builds a strong foundation for your daily practice. Whether that practice is online on YGTV, at home, or at one of the YG Studios.

You’ll be rewarded

Hatha is a tradition inviting you to explore and make it your own. Most importantly you’ll be rewarded with better posture and more relaxation. It’s simply a great practice to start with if you are new to yoga or looking for a way to deepen your current practice.

In conclusion, whether a class is heated or not, it will always involve a typical set of postures and breathing techniques. Asanas are practiced in a slow pace and include static posture holds. You can always join Hot Hatha on a Friday morning with Lo-Fei. You are sure to feel completely balanced afterwards! Just drop in for a single class or work it into your weekly routine. In short, Hatha yoga classes are here to take a break from daily life and explore! Anthony is you go-to teacher for exploration. Just make sure to always book your Hatha class with YG Studios in advance. Yes, our Hatha is that HOT!

See you soon in one of our studios!

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Hatha is Hot! Grow stronger over time Yogaground Rotterdam Classes