Getting into the Flow state

Getting into the Flow state

Intense focus, disappearing into a task, totally absorbed so that nothing else exists. You’re at a point far beyond distractions, moving with what feels like effortless momentum. Welcome to the flow state.  

Engagement and concentration, two aspects fundamental to intelligent movement training, are key to achieving the flow state. In fact, experiencing a flow state is more common in sporting activities than in other contexts. Whether running, cycling, HIIT, yoga or strength training, it’s possible to achieve that state of calm, focussed control and total absorption in the activity. 

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Getting into the Flow state

Running and flowing

Ask any serious runner and they will tell you being mentally healthy is essential for success. So you’re ready to start running, what next? 

Firstly, and most importantly, set a running goal, long-term as well as moment-by-moment, and remember to track your progress. (Set a goal as the DSW Bruggenloop) Create a routine and stick to it! Join the YG RUN workouts, for example, to help augment your progress and maybe even experience the flow state!


HOKA is the fastest growing running brand in the world. On November 10 from 17.00 – 21.00 we’re inviting HOKA to our Lijnbaan studio. As a YG Studios member you’ll get the chance to test a brand new pair of HOKA shoes during our HIIT or YG RUN class, and follow it with personal advice on what your feed really need!

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Getting into the Flow state

Create the perfect condition to observe the mind

Meditation and the act of being present is another pathway into the flow state. Through yoga, breathing sessions or meditation, you create the perfect condition to observe your mind. You’ll begin to notice when you are distracted and what is distracting you, and over time learn to detach yourself from this and move back to concentrated focus.

Besides many yoga classes we also offer workshops. Here you’ll take extra time to deep-dive into a certain theme. You might want to check Liz’s Gentle Flow, Flex and Restore workshop on November 20.

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Getting into the Flow state

the journey is what counts

“An optimal state of consciousness [is when] one is completely absorbed in a feeling or energetic focus, full engagement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

The human mind can process up to 120 bits of information per second. The mind reaches its full capacity when you challenge yourself to a (semi-)difficult task. If this task is something you’re good at and enjoy, you’ll likely feel motivated and fulfilled. When your ‘task’ produces visible results, like exercise making you stronger or calmer, it’ll contribute to your well-being and enhance your motivation to continue.  

So, if you get out what you put in, and it’s the journey not the destination that counts, strap yourself in the ride of a lifetime, starting with one small step and a whole lot of focus.


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