Nicola’s lockdown list

Drink coffee and lift heavy!

Everyone slowed down, but I started to drink coffee and lift heavy!  

The times are definitely challenging for many of us. Nicola tends to focus on the brighter side of a situation. Without the usual rush, life took on a new rhythm. Nicola created a few routines for herself, they help her unwind and surrender to the flow of life.

Kick off your day with exercise: yoga stretches, various movements, breathwork or voice work. After that she has some time for her newfound routine. Drinking coffee! A habit she picked up while teaching early morning classes at the Veerhaven Yogaground studio. Then her actual working day starts: first preparing classes and working on personal projects. Secondly, she takes time to read books and study.

Since a couple of months she has been sticking to intermittent fasting which is why her first meal of the day is around 1PM.

In the early afternoon it’s time to do some lifting workout in her new little home gym. Have you seen it on Instagram? Make sure to follow her and us! Nicola now works out 6 times a week, she’s clearly hooked! Next to focussing on a healthy lifestyle, she also has time for some laidback hobbies such as puzzling and learning to play the ukelele.

And of course, there is always time for yoga in Nicola’s life! She started following various courses to broaden her yoga expertise and knowledge. Learning yoga mechanics, lunar yoga, yoga nidra for teachers, and voice training. Ask her when you see Nicola again in our studio. She loves to answer all of your questions.

Nicola started to invest a lot in herself and made good use of the time she now has for ideas that were flying around in her head, which she was always too busy for.

With all this newfound knowledge she is extra inspired and ready to come back stronger than before. She cannot wait to see the Yogaground community again in her classes! And as Nicola does, drink coffee and lift heavy 😉

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Nicola's lockdown list everyone slowed down, but i started to drink coffee and lift heavy!