Yoga to improve spinal health

alignment and movement for the lower back

Yogaground Veerhaven
Sunday March 6
12.15 - 15.15
by Anthony
55 euro
alignment and movement for the lower back

Yoga to improve spinal health

The Yoga to Improve spinal health Masterclass is especially for those who look to find relief in the lower back area. Together with Anthony you’ll dive deeper into the spine and get a better understanding of your posture on and off the mat. In this Masterclass you’ll build a yoga practice that is unique to your body.

The spine is an area of the body that fascinates Anthony. “I have had a complicated relationship with my spine, often experiencing issues with back-pain firsthand; but it is also one of the main reasons for people coming to work with me as a therapist.” 

As a Soft Tissue and Massage Therapist, Anthony is trained in using clinically practiced methods to improve spinal health, function, and tolerance. In this 3-hour workshop Anthony brings this knowledge with him. He’ll weave physical yoga poses and other moves together with theoretical information. Teaching you various beneficial techniques to improve your spinal tolerance and function. Understand how to limit spinal aches and pains.

Get more acquainted with your own spine in the Yoga to improve spinal health Masterclass on Sunday March 6 from 12.15 till 15.15

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