Morning Flow in OX.Space

with Breakfast

OX.Space Lijnbaan 155, Donner building
Sunday January 14
10.00 – 11.00
€20 (including breakfast)

Get the best out of your Sunday

OX and YG Studios are teaming up this month. With this Sunday Special you will start your day with a flow class in the amazing OX space followed by a healthy shake.

A 60 minutes dynamic flow class and spiced up with special visuals projected. After this experience of moving your body in a flow sequence we will have your shake ready. Time to connect with the others and to have a look around the OX Space. 

About OX.Space

The historic Lijnbaan was the first shopping promenade in the Netherlands and the world’s first car-free shopping promenade. Today it is one of Rotterdam’s busiest retail streets. Here, OX creates a place for coming home, being together, getting inspired — breathing new life into the high street.

A place where good things happen.

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