Boxing is flowing

move your feet, hands and body, find fluidity

YG Studios Veerhaven
Sunday April 30
13.30 - 16.00
by Reza
€40 | €36 unlimited members

find fluidity in boxing, "be like water"

Move your feet, hands and body; let the energy drip from your fingertips. It’s time to find your fluidity in the ring with Reza in this Boxing workshop. Let your subconscious take over and trust your body and its instinctsBoxing is flowing. 

suitable for all boxing levels

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This workshop will help you find balance and peace within your boxing, and nurture a deep-seated confidence in your ability to cope with unforeseen situations. Acceptance of what is transforms you into what you want to be.

Suitable for all levels. 
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Boxing is flowing
€40 | Regular ticket
€36 | Unlimited members
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It all started when he was 18, when Reza first walked into a boxing session at his local gym. Instantly he was hooked, and over the following 19 years he worked his way towards a Dutch Boxing Federation certification so that he could turn this hobby into a livelihood and train people himself.  

Technique comes first for Reza. Once he had mastered the technique behind each boxing move, he could become a better fighter. As his boxing improved, so did his self-confidence. He used (and still uses) sessions to release stress, leaving him more energised as a result.  

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