Annemarie’s lockdown list

A perfect day

Annemarie’s lockdown list 

Annemarie has to admit she enjoys spending so much time to herself. Let’s get the most out of it! A perfect day would start with; Waking up early and doing lots of yoga stuff such as; Nauli Kriya, Neti cleansing, breathing exercises, asanas and meditation. All is done best before breakfast on an empty stomach. On other days she may shorten her routine by only doing some stretches or going out for a walk while listening to of her favorite podcasts. Eindbazen. “I strongly recommend Eindbazen #155 with Patrick McKeown about nose breathing and #186 with astronaut Andre Kuipers!

When it comes down to breakfast Annemarie eats oatmeal from Oatly and has a BIG LOVE for coffeeWhen in a hurry she gets a coffee to go at this awesome little store in Delft called Piece of Cake. “Very hard to walk away without their cheesecake btw. It’s simply the best!” 

During lockdown Annemarie never experiences a dull moment. She’s doing online tutorials on WordPress and reads several books at the time: The Biology of Belief by Bruce H.Lipton, Hatha Yoga by Ram Jain & Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain, Bodymind by Ken Dychtwald.

With a never ending interest for skincare products, Annemarie now has the time to try out new stuff. She strongly recommends The Ordinary and First Aid Beauty. Why? Because it’s affordable yet effective skincare with great ingredients!

Annemarie is all about the movement! In the afternoon she goes for a second walk or yoga session. This time it’s more about deepening her practice and focusing on a specific area or subject, like backbends, hips or Sun Salutations.

To reduce visits to the supermarket Annemarie started using Hello Fresh. After diner she fills her evening with Nextflix watching Black Mirror (Ieeeek!) or very old school… 24.

Stay healthystay safe, stay grounded and as Annemarie does to create A perfect day, go to bed early, wake up early and repeat!

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