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Mandy has been an avid mover all her life, engaging in various activities such as gymnastics, football, fitness, dance, and even CrossFit. Her diverse interests extend beyond physical pursuits; she is also a dedicated nutrition coach with a genuine passion for promoting healthy food choices. It comes as no surprise that Italy holds a special place in her heart, ranking as one of her favorite holiday destinations.

Beyond her active lifestyle, Mandy cherishes the sun and good music. Alongside Italy, her list of top destinations includes the captivating lands of Cuba, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Curious to experience her expertise and vibrant energy? Visit our studio and join one of Mandy’s classes. You’ll not only enjoy an invigorating workout but also gain valuable travel tips from her!

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Mandy’s enthusiasm is contagious! Get ready for a session so fun, it’ll end too soon. Ask her anything you want to know about your nutrition or training. Together you’ll look into your individual goals and needs to eventually get the best out of yourself.

Discuss how you want to be coached, and build strength and endurance. Get ready for a confidence-boosting, energy-inducing personal training that will keep you coming back for more in our Studio in Rotterdam city center.

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