how do i get started at YG Studios?

Get to know our team and studios. Try a single class or get our 3 for 25 pack. With this pack you can try out any 3 classes within two weeks. Create an account, download the YG Studios app and get started!

are there showers, changing rooms and lockers?

We have everything you need to leave our studios fully dressed and refreshed, ready to take on the rest of your day. Bring your own towel or rent one of ours for Euro 1.

Shoes or no shoes?

Please wear clean indoor training shoes to all classes that are taught in our HIT room. (HIIT, HERO and BOX) Yoga, and Sculpt done barefoot. You'll need outdoor running shoes for YG Run.

Do i need to bring my own boxing gloves?

You can rent our wrappings and boxing gloves for Euro 1 or bring your own. Hydrate well and bring a bottle of water. Please wear clean indoor training shoes.

What is High Intensity Training?

Our High Intensity or 'HIT' classes are designed to offer you a full-body workout designed to increase strength and fitness and getting your heart rate up.

What do i bring to a HIIT or HERO class?

Bring a bottle of water and clean indoor shoes to the HIIT or HERO class. Grab a fitness towel at the front desk to wipe off the sweat. Make sure to wear clean indoor training shoes. No need to bring a yoga mat.

What do i need for YG RUN training?

Wear layers and dress according to the weather forecast. No matter the weather, we're always going out for a run! Ok, well, not in heavy thunderstorms, but that's really about it. You'll need outdoor running shoes for YG Run.

What do I bring to my Sculpt class?

Sculpt is our version of pilates. Wear a yoga outfit, bring a bottle of water if you want to and grab one of our fitness towels to wipe off your sweat. You'll need a yoga mat.

What do I bring to my yoga class?

All you need to bring is a yoga mat and a towel to put over your mat and a comfortable outfit to wear during class. Remove your shoes or slippers at the door, yoga is done barefoot.

Do I have to bring my own mat to my yoga class?

Bring your own yoga mat or rent one at the front desk for Euro 1. Or buy one in our shop. We offer mats from Lululemon and Bodhi. Find the yoga mat that's perfect for you! Check out our Unlimited Monthly Premium membership, you'll never have to rent a yoga mat again!

What is the price per class at YG Studios?

Our prices per class vary per membership. The more you move, the cheaper your class. Why? We believe exercise should be part of your daily routine. We love to reward those who love to move. All our class are 2 credits.

Which YG Studios membership should i take?

• Get Started • New to YG Studios? Get started with a '3 for 25' pack. This gives you three classes to get you going. Valid for two weeks upon purchase. • Credits packs • Our credits packs are valid for a year and work best if you join us whenever you feel like it but don't like that feeling of 'having to go' to your gym. • Monthly Memberships • Are you in it for a weekly class at YG Studios? Get a 10 credits monthly! Excited to join us twice a week? Get a 16 credits monthly. If you are ready to totally rock it, or want to dedicate more time to exercise, check out our Unlimited Monthly membership or Unlimited Monthly Premium membership. • Unsure what to pick, or do you have a question? Contact us via hey@ygstudios.nl or call 010-5036465 •

What is Unlimited Monthly Premium Membership?

Never want to bring your own gloves or yoga mat again? Get our Unlimited Monthly Premium membership! You'll get free access to YGTV, free yoga mat and gloves rental and 10% off selected events. Who doesn't want that?

Am I eligible for a discount?

We offer a 10% discount for students who present us their student card and employees whose company supports their membership.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you'll stay with us for a long time. If you do wish to cancel your subscription, follow these steps in the YG Studios App. Go to ‘my account’ (person icon in the lower task bar). Click ‘my account’ (top right). Choose ‘my series’ from the menu. Find here your active series. Click on ‘cancel’ next to your active series. Note your series will be cancelled and you can use it till the end of your last billing.

I don't speak Dutch, is that an issue?

No problem, all our classes are taught in English.

I'm pregnant, can I take classes?

As soon as you are over three months pregnant and in good health it's ok to take classes again. In the early stages of your pregnancy it's best to take a break. Always notify our teacher about your health before entering the class. Check the Mama Strong and Mama Flow pregnancy classes!

I'm pregnant, what classes can I take?

If you are more than 3 months pregnant and in good health, you can take classes again. Be sure to come to Mama Flow & Mama Strong. We also recommend taking low-intensity classes; Mind & Breath, Restore, Flex, Flow & Flex, Gentle Flow, and Hatha. Inform the teacher about your pregnancy, twists, backbends and breath holds are best not done during pregnancy.

Class full? Join our waitlist!

Want to join your favourite class but find it fully booked? No worries, add yourself to our waitlist! Up to 8 hours before class starts, you will be automatically enrolled. You'll receive a confirmation email that your spot is booked. Get ready to sweat! If your class starts within 8 hours, we'll send you an email as soon as we have an open spot for you. You can then book this yourself, and you're ready to go.

Do you offer YG Studios giftcards?

Yes we do! What a great idea to gift some movement to your friend or loved one. Come by in our studios and get your beautifully designed gift card. You can select the amount yourself. Or go to our pricing page and get your online giftcard

Can i book a class or workshop for my friend?

All class bookings are personal and linked to your YG account. But you can purchase 2 workshop tickets and make 2 bookings on your account for you and your friend!

What kind of workshops do you offer?

Check our event page. Here you wil find our workshops of all durations and prices.

I have an injury, can I come in for a Yoga or Hit class?

Come 10 minutes early so you have time to ask questions and discuss do’s and don'ts with the teacher.

Am i flexible enough to do Yoga?

This is your practice and body, it’s important to stay grounded and patient. There is no need to push yourself too hard to fit yourself into a posture. Respect and listen to your unique body and focus on your breathing which will help to create awareness. The short answer? Yoga is for everybody, don’t worry about your flexibility.

I have a question, what is the best way to get in contact?

When you have a question please reach out to hey@ygstudios.nl or walk into the studio in between classes. Or contact us via 010-5036456 you can leave your name and phone number.

How do I book my Massage?

Head to our Massage page for all info and book your appointment via Treatwell.nl