Our Lijnbaan studio remains open

As of September 3rd, YG Veerhaven closes its doors

Increased energy costs, high inflation, and financial obligations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, have a major impact on our operations. Despite earlier cost reductions, we have not been able to make our two studios profitable; we are simply unable to cover all expenses. That is why we have now decided to fully focus on our Lijnbaan studio.

What changes can you expect?

  • YG Veerhaven closes September 3.
  • Expanded schedule and offering at YG Lijnbaan. You’ll find the new schedule here.
  • Your credits remain valid.


We totally understand this news may have taken you by surprise and you might be left with questions. That’s why we’re available on Monday night, August 14th from 17 hrs till 20 hrs at the Veerhaven studio, to answer all your questions in person.

We have formulated answers to several frequently asked questions below. Are your questions not in the list? Send us an email at hey@ygstudios.nl or talk to our team at the studio.

We regret we have had to take this decision. At the same time, we are very happy to be able to continue at Lijnbaan. We hope to see you there soon.

Thank you for your understanding, see you soon at YG Lijnbaan!


Why is the Veerhaven studio closing?

Due to increased energy costs, high inflation, and financial obligations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to sustain profitability for both studios. In light of this, we have decided to focus our efforts on our spacious Lijnbaan studio, which provides us with more opportunities to maintain and even expand our class offerings.

Is this a temporary or permanent closure?

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate reopening this location. As a result, we have terminated our lease for the Veerhaven site. While expansion at a new location might be a possibility in the future, our current focus is solely on our Lijnbaan Studio.

Can I continue attending my favorite classes?

The schedule at the Lijnbaan has been significantly expanded. With nearly 50% more classes available, all your previously attended favorite classes at the Veerhaven will also be offered at the Lijnbaan.

Can I still attend HOT26 classes?

Starting from September 3rd, the HOT26 class will be available at the Lijnbaan during the same time slots as it is currently offered. Furthermore, we have even expanded the availability of HOT26 classes!

Can I keep or cancel my membership?

All memberships and credits remain valid for classes at the Lijnbaan. You can continue to access our services and classes as usual, just at a different location. While we would be sorry to see you go due to the closure, it's important to note that nearly all memberships can be canceled on a monthly basis.