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Jared was born and raised in South Africa to a Dutch mother, so it’s no surprise he finds himself living back in the land of his ancestors! He loves the city’s parks or surrounding woodland, and, of course, the friendly, open nature of Rotterdammers!

After studying his 500 hours yoga teacher training in South Africa, he then went on to take qualifications in boxing and fitness coaching. For Jared, yoga and movement bring him into the present moment and force his mind into a state of clarity. Through yoga, he’s learned to observe and not judge his mind and body, which has itself helped him work with people to travel further in their own fitness journeys.

His favourite travel destination is Thailand, for the sun, ocean, swimming, hiking, people and sense of fun! But for food, it’s got to be his grandfather’s hot bean curry or his mum’s banana bread!

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achieve your goals and go beyond!

Jared is as well a yoga teacher as a personal trainer in both fitness and boxing. 

He loves to motivate you and is truly invested in helping you achieving your goals and going beyond! With Jared he is making sure that you go that extra mile and really getting everything out of your training. 

In a personal session Jared makes sure there is a true focus on your personal specific needs and he will guide you to the most effective method of movement. He will focus on your personal progress and helps you understand your body and mind better, so that you can overcome your own challenges and feel freedom in your movement! 

You can expect to get a sweaty training when you book a personal session with Jared where, if necessary, he will motivate you some extra by really moving with you! Next to motivating you, he will also aim to keep you mindful and ensures that your training is done in a safe way.