Yoga is endless…

Having spent her childhood in many different countries; Brunei, Gabon, and Qatar, to name a few, Annemarie now feels very much at home in Delft but has a big love for Amsterdam where she lived for over 15 years. Annemarie also loves to teach in Rotterdam, which is our luck! During summer, when she has an afternoon to spend for herself, it is most likely to find her on a terras of HNY basking in the sun.

After a lot of traveling, Hawaii is her favorite travel destination, she went there to run a marathon and loved it so much she went back to get married there.

Closer to home, she loves to be on her yoga mat every day and has been teaching since 2013. Annemarie took teacher trainings in Los Angeles and Bali and feels like there is still so much more to learn, that why she started doing Yoga Therapy. Yoga is endless…

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If you are looking for more balance in mind, body and in life, Annemarie is here for you! Her Yoga Therapy sessions target your overall wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally. According to your individual needs, Annemarie creates a tailor-made program. Expect her to take the time to understand your needs, guiding you towards an improved state with patience and care.

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