you're running to have fun

Let's go for a run!

Our bodies have evolved for us to be effective endurance runners. Think of the length of our legs, shock-absorbing spinal discs, our hip sockets and the prominent position of our feet. We also have the ability to sweat, keeping our bodies cool during strenuous exercise. Let’s go for a RUN!

No matter what your goal is, running is accessible for everyone. Just tie your laces and get going! Getting used to running, if you haven’t done it for a while or ever, can be quite intense. We have 2 YG Run teams, YG RUN 5K for beginners, YG RUN 10 K for a more advanced level. Here you’ll learn the least tiring and most effective running techniques. Even with a 30 minute run you already start to burn calories, build up overall strength and improve your mental health.


When your body and mind start to adjust, running can feel liberating. Repetitive movements can move you into a meditative state which can be blissful. The one advice we can give you is to remember that you’re running to have fun.

Moving has a positive effect on your mental state and even a walk at a slow pace for 30 minutes a day lifts your mood. It works wonders for the quality of your sleep, your mood and even your focus during the day. That’s where Yogaground’s pay-off “It’s all about the movement” starts to make sense 😉

Set your goals and let our team of great teachers help you where you need it the most. Sustain a healthy routine and you might one day undergo that runner’s high. Get ready to sweat!

lift your mood and focus

sustain a healthy routine, undergo that runner's high



Takes off every Tuesday at 6.15 PM for those who never ran before or just need a little help. Commit yourself for 8 weeks and build up from ZERO to 5k HERO! You can start your training any time.

Let’s beat the bridges together! On December 12 the Rotterdam running community will take part in the DSW Bruggenloop. Join with your friends, neighbors, or team and run our city’s 6 iconic bridges in full wintery glow. Improve your RUN training and work on your techniques! Every Tuesday at 7.15 PM.

Niels, Manager of Run2Day, will be your coach and teach you all the ins and outs. Or check our Schedule to sustain your healthy routine!

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