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Boxing Clinic

float like a butterfly...

boxing clinic …sting like a bee. Whether you’re Rotterdam’s next Mohammed Ali, or you’re just curious about boxing and its benefits, in Said’s workshop, he’ll introduce you to the sport, its rules, and of course, top class technique. Sign in for the Boxing Clinic on October 9. Float like a butterfly After a short bit […]


a day at the beach

YG ONE DAY RETREAT Close your eyes. Let the sound of waves rolling in wash over your mind. Breathe the salty air deep into your lungs. Feel the sun warm your skin. Now add in fun, movement, peace and chill. We proudly present the YG One Day Retreat.   We’re talking seriously high vibes here! A […]

Yoga Arm Balances

Unlock new possibilities

Yoga Arm Balances Have you seen how Tim floats from one arm balance to another, how he can almost take flight?? Let him show you how to approach these yoga asanas with the same courage, by understanding the key elements and learning to be comfortable at all times. Unleash your inner monkey and join the Yoga Arm […]

Yoga Inversions

An upside-down yoga practice

Yoga Inversions In need of a confidence boost? Take the challenge to apply the force of gravity the other way around, work on your skills and energize body and mind in the Yoga Inversions Basecamp by Tim! Here you’ll learn to feel comfortable, get better alignment and walk away with strengthening tools to further explore […]

The Strength of Yoga

balance out ease and effort

The Strength of Yoga Which muscles do you need to strengthen, and which muscular activation do you need for various yoga poses? Develop a strong and healthy yoga practice protecting you from injuries. Discover this and more in the Strength of Yoga Basecamp by Camilla. Going for a strong yoga class such as Power Yoga […]


Headstand, Shoulderstand & Arm Balances