Mindfulness during your pregnancy

The coolest pregnancy yoga in Rotterdam

Join the coolest pregnancy yoga in Rotterdam. At YG Studios you will find two types of pregnancy classes, Mama Flow and Mama Strong.

In our Mama Flow classes, you will explore your sense of empowerment together. Our pregnancy yoga is made up of poses that suit your body and make it stronger, in a simple yoga flow. During Mama Flow, you will create more mindfulness and we will help you get and stay stronger. This pregnancy yoga class is suitable for during your pregnancy and after delivery.

Focus on strength as well as yoga

More than just pregnancy yoga

The launch of the Mama Strong classes at YG Studios generated enthusiastic responses from our members; “definitely the coolest pregnancy class in Rotterdam!” The classes are specially designed for mums and soon-to-be mums for more self-confidence and (even) more strength.

Mama Strong contributes to good mental, emotional and physical health during your pregnancy. This is essential for you and your baby. Feel STRONG as a mother! During Mama Strong classes, you will learn various breathing and strengthening techniques that help stabilise your core and pelvic floor. Together with relaxing mama meditations, it’s the perfect combination of preparation, exercise and relaxation.

exercising during pregnancy

The most fun pregnancy gym in Rotterdam

Our two pregnancy classes, Mama Flow & Mama Strong, will help you through your pregnancy and the start of motherhood. YG Studios offers the time and space for you, and all other strong mums in Rotterdam, to become even stronger, prepare you for giving birth and give you more insight into what is coming up. You will also receive useful tips to help you continue taking the other classes at YG Studios alongside our mommy classes during your pregnancy.

In addition to the mommy classes, we also offer pregnancy courses to help you prepare even better for what is to come.

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the ultimate preparation

The pregnancy course in Rotterdam for parents-to-be

Learn everything you need to know before giving birth. Sign up for our quarterly pregnancy course, Baby Push Prep.

Learn what happens to your body during pregnancy and childbirth. During Baby Push Prep, we will go through all the stages of this process together. Maggie will help you draw up a birth plan. You will also learn breathing and pain management techniques and get tips on how to go through both natural and medical childbirth as comfortably as possible.

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