voice and performance

Yogaground Academy 2020

Yogaground Veerhaven
by Sarah Scharf
voice and performance

Explore techniques improving your ability to present your teaching

In this two day-long Academy, you will explore vocal and physical theatre techniques to improve your ability to present your teaching. This workshop aims to give concrete tools to develop your unique voice.

The art of teaching is a craft that entails bringing your whole self to what you do. Suitable for all teachers and teachers-in-training, you will discuss the role of being a yoga teacher, and how to express more of your true self with your students in a meaningful way.

Holding space authentically requires strong and receptive awareness, similar to the awareness an actor needs on stage. This Academy will help you  with that.

You will work on and discuss:

  • Physical theatre techniques, improving your teaching presence
  • Your role as a teacher
  • Your will learn how to express more of your true self with your students
  • Overcoming the omnipresent fear of public speaking, and how this relates to group teaching
  • Voice techniques, improving your tone, musicality, diction, projection and ability to care for your voice.

Sarah Scharf is a teacher, mentor, writer and performer. Momentarily based in Vienna, Sarah teaches abroad and locally. Currently Sarah is writing her first book, on vocal presence and communication skills for yoga teachers, which will be published in August 2020.

This 12 hour workshop will be taught in English and is open to yoga teachers of all traditions, styles and levels.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of this training.

Price of this Yogaground Academy training is €195. Get your ticket now, and become an even better teacher.

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