the art of assisting

yogaground academy 2020

Yogaground Veerhaven
by James French
cueing and demonstrating

the art of assisting - an evolution

Yoga Teachers can employ a variety of tools to communicate, including verbal cues, visual indication and touch. To know when to apply the right tool for who, and when, is advanced teaching technique.

In this third Academy you will explore the different assists that you can offer a student. You will explore how touch can be a powerful teaching tool by looking at a modern approach to physical adjusts; one which incorporates the issues of informed consent, somatic dominance, and tackling the question of “is it better to go deeper?”.

You will work on:

  • the art of language and verbal cueing
  • identifying and improving common mistakes made by Yoga Teachers
  • specificity, inclusivity and “correct alignment”
  • physical assists as well as energetic assists; guiding a student to explore their posture without using words or touch
  • leverage and stabilizing assists
  • “Informed Consent” in the Yoga Room

Get to know how muscle memory is created and discuss the differences between active and passive ranges of motion and how this applies to assisting.

Being an advanced practitioner doesn’t necessarily mean that you can skillfully guide your students into their own practice. Communication skills differ to skills that are required for performing. Learn all about it in this academy.

James French has a background in Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga and runs several Yoga Teacher Trainings per year. Read more about James.

This 12 hour workshop will be taught in English and is open to yoga teachers of all traditions, styles and levels.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of this training.

Price of this Yogaground Academy training is €195. Get your ticket now.

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Being an advanced practitioner doesn't necessarily mean that you can skillfully guide your students into their own practice

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