Sculpt, strength and resistance

utilize movement for resilience and well-being

Yogaground Weena
Saturday December 11
12.30 - 15.30
by Magnus Ringberg
55 euro
utilize movement for resilience and well-being

Sculpt, strength and resistance

Boost your practice and join this Sculpt, Strength and Resistance Masterclass. Magnus’ work centers around exploring range of motion, resistance training, extension, flexion, and rotation. Here, find 3 hours of pure inspiration to evolve your practice. This workshop consists of three sections.

In the first part, you focus on building resilience and strength from the inside out, with the assistance of weights. The middle section allows you to sit down and recharge while Magnus shares his knowledge, movement techniques and newly developed material. Closing this workshop is more exploration of movement. You will be using an elastic band for resistance and direct feedback on the way you move.

Utilize movement for resilience and well-being. Discover new variations in the expression of movement. Let this Masterclass be a building block towards a sustainable practice. Let’s boost and further develop your techniques!

Suitable for advanced movement practitioners. Saturday December 11, 12.30 – 15.30.

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