Rise up!

Awakening breath, flow & flex

Kooren Terminal
Sunday July 18
05.30 - 07.00
by Nicola
20 euro
Awakening breath, flow & flex


Early morning, the city is still asleep. Suddenly a shift; Like a curtain rising, darkness lifts. Sunrise is a magnificent time of day, and the perfect time to do yoga. While the city wakes up you’ll witness this beautiful daybreak at the other end of the river. Join Nicola for an Awakening Breath, Flow & Flex Super Session were you’ll energize from bottom to top, time to Rise up!

Learn about the power of breath and let this guide you through the whole session. Start with an re-energizing Flow, followed by movements from our Flex sequence. After that you’ll calm yourself down, end with awakening rhythmic breath exercises supported by music. This will leave you feeling calm, healthy and invigorated for the rest of your day. Therefore catch the magic hour while the rest of the world is still snoozing.

At the end of the gangway, Ketelbinkie will serve your morning coffee! The best way to start the day.

Sign up for the Awakening Breath, Flow & Flex Super Session with Nicola  at the Kooren Terminal on Sunday July 18 during Sunrise from 05.30 till 07.00.

This Super Session is suitable for all levels. We’re lowering the gangway at 05.15. Get on board and make sure your spot is booked in the schedule. Let’s catch this magical hour together.

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