Repairing your balance

Movement super session

Yogaground Weena
Sunday February 6
12.30 - 14.00
by Maroula
25 euro
movement super session

Repairing your balance

As a dance and yoga teacher Maroula knows how important balance is. She blends a wide variety of modern dance, fighting monkey mobility exercises, yoga and animal flow inspired movements into her classes. Get ready to move around and work on repairing your balance. Find it hard to find your balance? Join the Movement Super Session, this is the workshop just for you.  

Students telling her how challenging standing balances are, inspired Maroula to design this Super Session. Gain the insight, confidence and strength to work towards a better kinesthetic awareness and learn why balance is key. This Movement Super Session will get you moving, bending, squatting, jumping and rolling, just the way the human body was built to do. In a playful way you’ll learn tools and techniques to get the body ready for arm balances, inversions and other dynamic movements.

The feeling of being grounded, having a good balance, makes you feel empowered. Sparkle just like Maroula and learn to move with ease.

Join the Movement Super Session on Sunday, February 6 from 12.30 – 14.00. And repair your balance!  

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Why balance is key
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