Power of breath

hand-pan guided breathwork session

YG Studios Veerhaven
Saturday January 7
16.00 - 18.00
by Felix
€40 | €32 unlimited members
power of breath

Hand-pan guided breathwork session

It punctuates our entire life. It’s common to every living thing on the planet. It happens continuously day in, day out. It’s our breath, and it has the power to revolutionise your life.

Whether in yoga, meditation, sports or athletics, your breath is a fundamental part of your performance. It doesn’t only impact your body, it also connects deeply to your state of mind. In reverse, you have the power to shift your state of mind simply by controlling your breath. 


So ask yourself, do you really make full use of this incredible tool?? 

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power of breath

hand-pan creates a serene and soothing environment

In this two-hour workshop, join Felix as he takes you through all aspects of your breath. You will learn how the breath impacts the body and mind, and then go on to practising a variety of techniques.

Felix will guide you through the breathwork accompanied by his hand-pan, creating a serene and soothing environment for you to experience just how powerful these practices are. 


By the end of the session, you’ll be more capable of mastering your breath and unleashing its full potential. Now take a deep breath in, and get ready to see the results. 

Suitable for all levels.

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Price Power of Breath
€40 | Regular ticket
€32 | Unlimited membership with 20% event discount

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