Myofascial Release

flex and self massage

Yogaground Veerhaven
Sunday September 5
12.00 - 13.30
by Camilla
20 euro
Myofascial Release

flex and self massage

Find relief by stretching and massaging your deep tissue and learn new techniques in this Myofascial Release and Flex Super Session by Camilla. Create movement and change within your body, working slowly and gently. With the help of tennis balls, you’ll trigger the natural qualities of fascia until the tissue melts, relaxes and releases.

Fascia has the ability to contract and relax. In this workshop you’ll learn how to apply pressure and new techniques to find relief. Work with trigger points and find those hotspots in the body to stimulate energy to flow freely. Camilla will encourage you to breathe deeply, while applying gentle pressure, finding the ultimate stretch until the tension finally lets go.

Improve your overall well-being and restore alignment and mobility to your muscles and joints. Release pressure and sink into those deeper layers of the body.

Sign up for Camilla’s Myofascial Release Super Session on a perfect relaxing Sunday afternoon, September 5 from 12.00 – 13.30.

This Super Session is suitable for all levels.

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