How to Handstand

Feel comfortable upside down

Yogaground Weena
Sunday October 31
12.30 - 14.30
by Tim
30 euro
how to handstand

Feel comfortable upside down

Let’s start with the obvious: handstands are cool. Flipping the world upside down can seem like a big challenge, but with Tim you will learn key strength-building exercises preparing your body and mind to turn it all around. Start to feel comfortable on your hands. Enjoy exploring one of the most rewarding physical skills, join Tim’s How to Handstand Basecamp!

Handstand is an inspiring yet challenging pose. Manage the excitement and learn how to balance on your hands while your feet dangle up in the air. It requires strength, confidence and commitment. In this challenging but accessible Basecamp, we’ll create space and strength around the shoulder girdle and mid-section of your body. Learn the basics to safely get in and out of the pose and be well on your journey to master the king of asanas.

Always wanted to learn how to handstand? After this workshop you’ll have everything, you need to develop your own handstand practice and to be able to enjoy this wonderful skill for many years to come.

This Basecamp is accessible for everyone and those who want learn how to handstand, no skills needed (yet). Join Tim’s Basecamp on Sunday October 31 from 12.30 – 14.30.

For those who have been practicing or joining the How To Handstand Basecamp. Sign-in for Tim’s Handstand Level-Up Basecamp to extra kick-start your journey.

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