Flow, release your shoulders, neck and jaw

The Big Escape

Yogaground Online
Sunday February 28
10.00 - 11.15
by Liz
12,50 euro
Online Super Session - Flow, release your shoulders, neck and jaw

The Big Escape

We’ve created the perfect Online workshop to counter stress and increase your range of motion. In this session you’ll go through a vinyasa and learn various techniques and poses to release your shoulders, neck and jaw.

Take a moment to check in and care for yourself. In this Online Super Session Liz will focus on finding relief in the upper part of the body. Improve your day-to-day mobility and learn techniques to practice yourself. Strenghten the shoulder area by building up your flow to a fun and challenging shoulder stand practice. Learn how to release tension in the neck, back and jaw by passive and active stretching. And finally, you can let it all go by ending with a good old self-massage.

Increase your mobility and let go of tension in your upper body during this workshop. The perfect combination of vinyasa, stretch & release techniques and self-massage.

Join Liz for the Flow, release your shoulders, neck and jaw live Super Session online on Sunday February 28, 10.00 – 11.15. Your Big Escape!

Our online doors open at 09.45. You’ll receive a Microsoft Teams link 30 minutes before the workshop starts.

This Super Session is suitable for all levels. All tickets covering The Big Escape theme will cost €12,50.

Need help? Send us an email – hey@yogaground.nl 

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